Semi-constructed gazebo

6m x 3m

Close to the little house, is a semi-constructed stainless steel gazebo of 6 metres by 3 metres. The gazebo has been built with pillars in stone and the exterior surrounding base in marble. It was custom made, and is in stainless steel. It only needs some type of flooring and to be covered. The was designed for “al fresco” dining and sheltered sitting. It is locate close to some of the dry stone walls, where we thought to build a BBQ and paella area, from stone.

8 Acres, 20 Minutes To Coast, Open Dry Stone Wall Stables:



Peniscola Spain Stunning Moon Over Castle-800

Dry stone walling

Open stables

The farm

Chicken & duck space

Fruit tree area


Architect plans

Little house

Semi gazebo

Stone warehouse

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