Open dry stone wall stables

13m x 6m plus fenced land

We designed the dry stone-wall stables for two horses, but there are actually three possible stable spaces. The last stable we used to store the food for the horses, and for our dogs and puppies to sleep and get shade from the sun.

The open stables are a joy, both to look at and to keep your horses and any other animals safely, but with space to run and enjoy themselves.

Constructed using locally sourced stone from the land, the stables are a sanctuary of extreme beauty. The animals are protected by an electrified fence.

Below are a few photos of during the construction, which as you can imagine was a laborious process, but well worth the time and the investment.

8 Acres, 20 Minutes To Coast, Open Dry Stone Wall Stables:



Peniscola Spain Stunning Moon Over Castle-800

Dry stone walling

Open stables

The farm

Chicken & duck space

Fruit tree area


Architect plans

Little house

Semi gazebo

Stone warehouse

Horse riding


Where to eat

Things to do